Are you looking for the best lighting design apps for your Android device? Look no further! In this article, we will present the top Android apps that can help you predict and find the right lighting solutions for your projects. With the increase in demand for quality lighting, manufacturers have developed useful and necessary tools to provide professionals with the ability to choose the right equipment and achieve their objectives.

LightCalc 21

LightCalc 21 is a well-implemented program that allows you to evaluate lighting levels in different scenarios. This app is crucial for professionals who want to find the right balance between functionality and emotional impact. With LightCalc 21, you can easily predict and choose the right lighting equipment for your specific project.


Microlux is an Android app that offers a whole range of lighting design tools. With its three-dimensional visualization capabilities, Microlux provides customers with the advantage of being able to see and evaluate the impact of different lighting levels. This app is fundamental for professionals who want to achieve the best results in their lighting projects.


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DIALux is a popular and well-established lighting design software that has now made its way to Android. With DIALux, professionals can create and evaluate lighting plans, calculate luminance levels, and find the right balance between functionality and aesthetics. This app is a must-have for anyone in the lighting design industry.


Light-inNight is an Android app that allows you to paintshop your lighting design. With Light-inNight, you can create and customize lighting effects, adjust color balance, and evaluate the emotional impact of your lighting project. This app is perfect for professionals who want to provide their customers with a unique and personalized lighting experience.


Affinity is a graphic design application that offers powerful lighting design tools for Android. With Affinity, professionals can create stunning lighting effects, adjust color balance, and achieve the perfect lighting setup for their projects. This app is perfect for those who want to take their lighting designs to the next level.

In 2023, the demand for top lighting design apps for Android will only increase. It is necessary for professionals in the industry to have access to reliable and efficient tools to help them achieve their objectives. The apps mentioned in this article provide the necessary technical resources and functionality to support professionals in their lighting projects. Whether you are a manufacturer, a designer, or a customer, these apps will be of great help in finding and choosing the right lighting solutions for your specific needs.


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Affinity Designer: The Ultimate Solution for Lighting Design Projects

Are you in need of a powerful and efficient tool for your lighting design projects? Look no further than Affinity Designer!

Affinity Designer is a versatile application that is specifically designed to meet the needs of lighting designers. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, it is the perfect solution for creating stunning lighting designs.

Why choose Affinity Designer?

  • Intuitive and easy to use: Whether you are a beginner or an experienced designer, Affinity Designer offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to create professional lighting designs.
  • Wide range of tools: From dialux and lightcalc to blender and cinema 4D, Affinity Designer has all the tools you need to bring your lighting design projects to life. With its three-dimensional capabilities, you can create realistic lighting simulations and visualize the impact of different light levels.
  • Resourceful and versatile: Affinity Designer offers a variety of features that allow you to choose the right lighting environment for your specific needs. Whether you are designing for an interior space, accent lighting, or audiovisual effects, you can find the perfect resources in Affinity Designer.
  • Digital and adjustable: With Affinity Designer, designers can easily adjust the aesthetics and emotional impact of their lighting designs. Its features, such as agi32 and Autodesk, allow designers to fine-tune the balance and effect of their lighting systems, resulting in great visual impact.
  • Useful on the road: Affinity Designer is not only available for desktop computers but also for mobile devices. This means you can perform lighting calculations and plan your designs even when you’re on the go.

Don’t miss out on the advantages that Affinity Designer has to offer! Try it now and experience the power and versatility of this amazing tool for lighting design.

Is this app compatible with all Android devices?

Yes, this app is compatible with most Android devices running on Android 5.0 or higher.

How many lighting design options does this app provide?

This app provides a wide range of lighting design options, including 4-way lighting designs.

Can I customize the lighting designs in this app?

Yes, this app allows you to fully customize the lighting designs according to your preferences.

Are there any tutorials available to help me learn how to use this app?

Yes, this app offers comprehensive tutorials to guide you through the process of using the lighting design tools.

Does this app have any additional features apart from lighting design?

Yes, this app also includes additional features such as color palettes and photo import options to enhance your lighting design projects.

What are the top lighting design apps for Android in 2023?

There are several top lighting design apps for Android in 2023. Some popular options include Luminair, MagicPlan, and Philips Hue.

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